Self-selfies is a performative installation with the objective of continuing to feed the narcissism of citizens through their virtual lives.
In a space dedicated to self-created selfies, they can explore the depths of their vanity.
An opportunity was given to create a dream situation through a variety of backdrops and props, from which the visitors were free to select.
They combined tropical landscapes and plane tickets with paradise destinations, during the Winter months in which the project took place, so their virtual friends would wish to be in the same make believe place.
They posed with covers of classic literature works that people usually give up reading or do not even ever start in order to look more intellectual in this virtual world than in reality.
Gourmet food such as oysters and champagne, printed on cardstock, served to show off their expensive palettes, a paper Rolex was available to boast further.
In this exhibition´s Instagram one can see the participants’ desire to elevate their real lives through the virtual, and consider the importance, or uselessness, of both.

Instagram: @self_selfies

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